We believe that quality of an injection molding or stam­ping part is greatly influenced by the quality of the mold. Only by using a high-quality mold, the resulting part can meet the demands placed on it. Our dedicated team has very high standards in precision and quality, ensuring that our molds will meet and exceed the ex­pectations of our customers.

Powerful CAD and CAM technologies are fully integra­ted with our modern machine park and provide us with efficient and precise manufacturing. Together with our skilled employees, we can provide economically opti­mal solutions for your next injection molding project!


Quality molds for quality parts
We have over 10 years of experience dealing with the procurement of molds from Asia. Our extended experience working with Asian partners has given us a strong local network and well-developed project management system. Our Joint Venture Asia initiative demonstrates how high precision can go hand in hand with competitive prices and gives our customers a greater range of manufacturing options. Being supported and having mutual trust to our long-term partnerships, it is possible to provide project engineering and capabilities, rivalling much larger factories.

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We provide our customers with a full suite of services in order to fulfill their plastic injection molding projects – from the initial concept to the final production. Our skilled workers and engineers will acti­vely support you with their insight and experience at every stage of your project.

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Simultaneous 5-axis machining

The all new DMU 95 monoBlock by DMG Mori has supplemented our machinery since spring 2016. This CNC milling centre offers top features from the ground up, like 950 mm travel of the X-axis, 18,000 rpm motor spindle and a vertical chain magazine for 60 tools. In addition to these, all our machines can be found under the Manufacturing heading on this page.

Portable sink erosion system

The Gantry 1200 by OPS Ingersoll offers an optimal machine concept with various application possibilities. The high traversing speed enables dynamic in complex workpieces, while it is designed for efficient machining in the making of large molds. The axis travel ways are: X 1000 / Y 1510 / Z 700 mm.

Further machinery additions

Our new CNC controlled surface and profile grinding machine OKAMOTO ACC 106 CA- iQ has supplemented our machinery since summer 2014. Its table with a work area of 1016 x 600 mm enables processing of large mold-components and offers maximum accuracy and precision. The machine masters surface and profile grinding.



Frank Brinkmann, Managing Director, info@brinkmann-formenbau.de
Dennis Pieper, Assistant Manager/Project Management, d.pieper@brinkmann-formenbau.de


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