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Sinker EDM processing allows the manufacturing of highly complex molds and contours, regardless of filigree structures, free-form surfaces or other difficult geometries. Wire EDM technology represents an economically advantageous alternative of manufacturing in case of a difficult machining situation or hardened steels. The manufacturing chain is completed due to an in-house manufacturing of graphite electrodes and guarantees the highest possible precision in machining.

  • In-house graphite electrode production
  • Sink erosion up to X1270 / Y1770 / Z680 mm
  • Wire erosion up to X1340 / Y1050 / Z450 mm
  • Highest precision through EROWA systems and 3D measuring machines

BRINKMANN Formenbau GmbH · Kötterhof 2 · 49439 Mühlen
Telephone +49(0)5492/927950-0 · Fax: +49(0)5492-927 950-95 · info@brinkmann-formenbau.de